Divine Mercy keychain/ring is made of oxidized metal in Italy. Divine Mercy image in the top cross, smooth beads and crown of thorns design in inner ring. 

$1.50 USD

Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. We think this is the most important of all chaplets! This lovely chaplet comes in red, crystal, beads and a clear plastic case. Includes directions on how to say the chaplet, which should be said daily, and for the dying.
$9.00 USD

Welcome to our Rosary Rings/Chaplet/Scapulars Page. What a wonderful way to have a prayer aid with you at any time. Fits perfectly into your hand, pocket, purse or briefcase. Great to give as gifts too. Let us put the gift of prayer into your pocket for as little as $1.15. Also visit our Rosary Beads Page for more prayer aids! Find it HERE.


Metal, one-decade, gold colored rosary ring from Italy. Smooth beads and a crown of thorn design in inner ring. Oxidized metal, about 2" in length.

$1.15 USD


St. Jude Chaplet. St. Jude is the beloved saint of hopeless causes. This chaplet is about 3" in length and has a crucifix on one end and a St. Jude medal on the opposite side. Though the color associated with St. Jude is green, these beads are more of a greenish blue (as shown). Comes packaged with prayer.

$5.00 USD


Made in Jerusalem, this one-decade rosary ring made of Grade A olive wood. As it is made with an elastic band it will fit on most fingers. It has, however, been reinforced with fish wire as elastic does eventually wear out. This makes it more durable than those sold by our competitors! DUE TO WOOD VARIATIONS, YOU PURCHASE WILL DIFFER FROM THAT SHOWN!

$2.00 USD


Scapulars are considered a sacramental of the Catholic Church. The brown scapular is worn to show devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 
A scapular is worn over the shoulders, with the square with Our Lady and her baby Jesus in the front and the one with St. Simon kneeling before the Madonna and child on your back. It is made of 100% wool and each square is about 1.5" x 2.25". The scapular is in a clear plastic sheath. On the wool square is a piece of white leather with the depictions. This brown scapular has a white cord.
There are two ways to be invested to the scapular. One is in a formal ceremony given by your church. The other is by a priest placing the scapular over your head while you and he recite a marian prayer such as the Hail Mary. Investiture must be done with a wool scapular. To show your devotion to Mother Mary, while wearing it, you should say the rosary daily or the Divine Office liturgy, which can be found on line. Purchase of this item includes instructions on wear and devotions.
Mary has promised to those that wear the scapular and faithfully follow a daily devotion to her, and that live a chaste life according to their station, that "Those who die wearing this scapular shall not suffer eternal fire." 
This is a beautiful devotional to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and is meant to bring you closer to Our Mother through daily prayer and meditations. It is not meant to be worn as a necklace of protection.

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There are more Saint chaplet and rosaries on the "Saint Bracelets, Pins, Rosaries Page.

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Metal one-decade rosary ring from Italy. Smooth beads and a thorn of crown design in the inner ring. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!!

$1.15 USD



Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows (Dolores). This chaplet is said in remembrance of the 7 sorrows that Mother Mary endured during her lifetime. It comes packaged with instructions and prayers on how to say the chaplet. This chaplet does not replace the daily rosary. It is to be used in conjunction with the rosary. It has 7 decades with 7 beads in each with a medal depicting the sorrow you are meditating on. The beads are acrylic, 1/2", black.

$18.00 USD

St. Therese the Little Flower Sacrifice/Good Deed Beads


As a child, St. Therese was given a string of beads with which to count her sacrifices and other acts of love for God. You can now do that too! For each sacrifice or good deed done simply move the bead over. The beads are cherry colored wood, 1/2" round, and the bracelet has a lobster-claw clasp. The cross is about 1" as is the St. Therese medal from Italy. The bracelet fits wrist sizes that are 7". Comes packaged with instructions. 

$8.00 USD

Scapular Options


St. Theresa, the Little Flower, rosary chaplet. About 5" in length with the St. Medal, which has been made in Italy. The beads are pink, acrylic, and shaped like rosettes and are 1/2" round. Comes packaged with prayer card and instructions.

$7.25 USD

RRC5 & RRC6)

Lovely 7" Miraculous Medal pocket rosary in blue or pink. Both are made of glass and have the medal on one side and the keyring on the other. You can also use the keyring to attach this pocket rosary to a purse or briefcase so you have them with you at all times. Makes a nice gift for a child or an expectant parent. Comes on a card.

$5.00 USD


Metal, one-decade rosary ring from Italy. Divine Mercy image in top cross, smooth beads, and crown of thorn design on inner ring.

$1.15 USD


Metal one-decade rosary ring from Italy. The woven band look, a reminder of the crown of thorns, and rosette design of the beads make this a very pretty ring. The cross is where you say the "Our Father" and the beads are for the "Hail Mary." Oxidized metal.

$1.15 USD


Clear crystal pocket rosary that is about 5" in length. The centerpiece is a pretty little rosette about 1/2" long and the crucifix is 1.5" with cut outs in the arms.

$4.00 USD

Minimum Order 24 of Each Style Metal Ring
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Chaplet of the Child Jesus, is 8 colorful medals depicting the life of Jesus, on a chain link. Comes boxed with a prayer card. Increase your prayer life with this beautiful chaplet. This beautiful chaplet is about 5" in length.
$15.00 USD

Bulk Ship Rosary Rings)

The minimum order requirement for bulk ship is 24 of each type of ring. The bulk orders are no frill and do not come with pouches and prayer cards. Also, they are shipped to you from our other location and are not processed nor shipped on weekends. Local pick up is not available. Olive wood rosary rings are not available in bulk at this time.

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Rosary for Life


These are actually a rosary to pray for life but they are also great for children and expectant parents. The rosary beads are 18" in length and are in lovely shades of pastel glass. The centerpiece is Our Lady of Fatima and the crucifix is about 1" long. Both are oxidized metal. The rosary comes in a plastic clam shell case, as shown, with a saying from Mother Teresa of Calcutta. 

$10.00 USD


Mother Teresa Car Rosary /Chaplet is 6" in length. It has a lobster-claw clasp.  Pretty blue crystal with a St. Medal. Made in Italy and comes in a clear plastic sleeve with a prayer card.

$6.50 USD