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These very pretty wall prints are about 7.5" long by 4" wide. They come in a hand-painted, gold-colored, high-relief frame (as shown). They are colorful prints of European lithographs and all come in individual boxes.  They are perfect for smaller areas, gifts and nurseries. Perfect price too!

$16.00 USD


These beautiful, self-standing, stained glass prayer plaques are made of hard plastic and glass. Opened, as shown in the photos, they are 10" x 14". The prayer cards are slipped through a sleeve in the back of the frame. Comes boxed. The pictures do not do them justice! They are quite pretty in person.

The designs shown below are: Footprints in the Sand, with Jesus; To Our Lady, with Blessed Mother picture; Prayer to our Guardian Angel with angel picture; and the Nativity with a prayer to the holy family.

$5.50 USD

Picture Options

Russian Egg Nativity Icon 18eg-3)

How gorgeous is this icon? It has been made for you in Russia. 2 piece set ~ egg and the stand and is 5.5" tall . Comes boxed. Because of the nature of hand-painted items, your purchase will vary from that shown, but will still be of the highest quality and standards that you expect of our products. It will be bright and beautiful though!

$29.99 USD


The lovely depictions have been made in Russia. Each of these icons is 2 1/2" x 3". The background is gold leaf.  Gold is used in Icons to represent 
divine light because of its high value and ability to reflect and enrich light in a way so different from pigment. Every color and every feature in Icons has a meaning.  The color Blue - denotes Divinity, Red - the Life Blood of Humanity,  Yellow/Gold - Eternal Life,  Green - New Birth, Brown - The Earth from which all things grow,  Black - Death, Orange - Revolution, and White/Silver - Purity. The images are high quality offset print with  golden paint ornaments printed over wood. The gold leaf if 22kt.

$7.50 USD each

Litho Print Options

Hand of God,Bendicion De La Casa - Home Blessing

This is a beautiful way to bless your home. Give it as a gift too as a housewarming, or any occasion. Typically the first Hand of God that is brought into a house is placed over or next to a front door. Subsequent ones are placed at other entryways to the house such as other doors or windows to protect the residents from evil entering the house. 

This pretty Hand of God includes the blue eye of protection at the top. It is hand-painted, enamel in colors of blue, green, white red and gold. It is about 5.5" x 4.75". The back is plain (as shown in the photo) and the top has a small knotted cord for easy hanging. The inscription, "Que Dios bendiga esta casa con paz, salud y riqueza que lamisma sea morada de alegria, amor y prosperidad" is asking God to bless the home with peace, health, love and wealth. Comes boxed with an explanation about the hand and the symbols. Made in Israel.

$24.00 USD


Magnificent portrait of the Holy Family made of soil and sand from their homeland. This beautiful picture is 5" x 7" and is mounted in a golden-hued wood frame. Perfect for hanging. Certificate of authenticity included. It is the perfect gift for any occasion and makes a great addition to any Christian home. Best of all you can have it for a fraction of the retail cost, which is $50-$90. Buy one for your home today while supplies last as the creators of this masterpiece no longer offer this product. Very rarely do you see a depiction of the Christ child at the age of 12 in sand, so this is a very unique family portrait.

As this is made of soil and sand we suggest you keep it out of direct sunlight and far away from water!

$30.00 USD

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