TeaLight Starburst Candle Holder)

This pretty tea light candle holder is in the shape of a shooting star and is 6.5" in length x 4" wide x 1" high. It is made of one piece of Grade A olive wood and is solid. Candle not included. Contact us if you wish to purchase a set for a price adjustment. We will generate a Paypal invoice for you. TWO LEFT!

$9.99 USD

14e-9) Communion Cups

Grade A, olive wood, cups that are 1.25" high x 1" wide. Each is individually made so each is unique in colors and wood grains. Perfect for 
A Set of 15 Communion Cups from Jerusalem Retreats, Conferences, Church Members, Schools, Special Meetings, Holidays
 and every day when the moment is right to help or cheer someone. Great as a memento of an event or ceremony. This truly is a great gift from the heart.

$3.00 USD Each or

$40.00 USD for a set of 15

Options-Communion Cup

Olive Wood Candle Holders 6.25"

These beautiful candle holders come in sets of 2. We have two sets available. Although we will try to match the wood grains and coloring, they will not be duplicate copies of each other as wood grains do differ from piece to piece. These stand about 6.25" high and are  1.75" at the base. The base has  a velvet patch. ONE SET LEFT!

$13.99 USD

Affordable Prices

Christian & Catholic Gifts


Lovely statue of the beloved scene of Jesus washing Peter's feet at the Last Supper. This statue has been hand-carved, sanded and polished by an artist in the Holy Land. The statue stands at 6.5" x 3.25" x 8". Fine details on the faces and clothing. Such a nice item to give a Father, Pastor, or any person of faith. 

$90.00 USD

Incredibly crafted Bust of Jesus carved and placed on a cross. This exquisite piece is one of a kind due to the artistry and wood grains. This piece stands about 12 1/2" tall, including the base,  6 3/4" wide and a depth of 3 1/2" squared. Jesus figure is about 6.5" tall. Self-standing crucifix! Makes a beautiful addition to any home or a great gift for a person of faith. Hand-carved in Bethlehem. This is a one-of-a-kind piece so, you got it, we only have 1 available. The photo is exactly what you will receive.


Madonna and Child 8.5" hand-carved in detail. This beautiful statue was created by artisans in the Jerusalem area. It has very pretty details on it, like stars lining the edge of Mary's cloak. A beautiful piece to add to any Catholic home. Hand-carved in Jerusalem. ONLY TWO LEFT!! Each is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.
$35.00 USD


Welcome to our olive wood product page. We take pride in offering for sale the incredible works of art that you have found throughout the website that have been created with olive wood. This page is a little different though in that the items on this page are all hand carved and not cut by a laser as some other items may be.  We hope that you will find these works to be just as incredible as we think they are. Although all of the wood products vary because of the wood grains, these differ because of the slight nuances of not only the wood but the artist themselves. These slight variations affect not only the items on this page but the figures on the nativities as well and that is what will make your purchase all the more special. It is not a cookie cutter product, it is a one of a kind product. VISIT OUR CROSSES/CRUCIFIXES PAGE FOR MORE OLIVE WOOD ITEMS!
A little bit about olive trees:
All of our olive wood products are made of Grace A wood. Olive trees are harvested once a year in October.  The olives are picked and squeezed to make products such as oil and skin products and the skins are used for soaps. The trees are then pruned and these remnants are used by artisans to make these beautiful products, among other things. The grain of the wood indicates the age of the tree. Olive trees are believed to have a life span of up to 2,000 years. The lighter the wood the younger the tree; the darkest wood is the oldest. As you can see, olive wood is a durable, beautiful wood and any one of our items make a lovely addition to your home.

Jerusalem cross with hand carved face of Jesus during the Passion. 5" x 5" The incredible workmanship of this relief makes it a beautiful addition to any Christian home. Of course, the Jerusalem cross signifies the Gospels being preached to the four corners of the world. No two of these items are the same due to the variations in wood grains and artist styles. Your purchase will differ from that shown. Hand-carved in Jerusalem.
$20.00 USD

Center Choices

Our Lady of the Rosary

This beautiful little statue stands at about  4.5" by 1.5" and is carved of olive wood. Nice for anyone with a devotion to Our Lady.

$13.99 USD


Incredible olive wood box with a fine carved view of the Old Jerusalem city into the top. Red felt lines the inside and bottom of the box and it has a magnetic snap for easy closure. 3" x 2.5" x 1 6/8". Sanded and polished to a smooth, gorgeous, surface. Beautiful detailed top. Great place to keep jewelry or your rosary beads. Perfect for a man or woman. 
$25.00 USD

Hand-threaded 39" olive wood wall rosary beads. The beads are about 3/4 of an inch in size, hand-polished, and the centerpiece is a picture of the Holy Family on a 3 inch heart with the message God Bless Our Home above them. The cross is about 6 inch x 3 inch and includes a malachite stone from Bethlehem on its base. Just exquisite!
Perfect for any Catholic Home.  

$49.99  USD

13 Piece Nativity set, manger 11" x 9.5" x 7.25" with 12 un-detailed figures (see below for sizes). Figures range in size from 2" to 6.5". Although they are not detailed, they are beautifully sculpted pieces. This is a gorgeous addition to your home! VISIT THE NATIVITY PAGE FOR MORE CHOICES! HERE
$160.00 USD