Floral design, 3.5" hand-carved cross on black cord. Makes a great necklace gift for a new Altar Server or perfect to hang on a car rearview mirror. 

$10.00 USD

11 inch

This lovely and simple Orthodox cross is whittled right into the branch of an olive wood tree. The branch is about 4.5" tall and 2.5" wide, though widths are not the same. The center is hollow, except for the cross. The cross is about 3" x 2". Due to variations in wood, your purchase will differ from that shown but the design will remain the same. This item is made in Bethlehem, backordering is not available.  12 available.
$5.00 USD

Our comfort carved cross has a nice smooth feel to it. Perfect for your  pocket or purse! The carved cross and smooth texture makes this a great stress reducer! Perfect reminder that God is with you at all times - even the stressful ones! Two sizes available - 2" in a set of 6 and 4" which can be purchased individually.

$23.00 2" Set of 6

$10.50 USD 4"

Jerusalem carved cross a/k/a Crusader cross with etched face of Jesus burned into the wood is a poignant reminder of his sacrifice. The first Jerusalem cross was unearthed in the tomb of the first Christian King of Jerusalem by American archeologists. Although a few meanings have been attributed to it's distinctive shape, the common thought is that the large central cross signifies the strength of Christianity and the four smaller ones represent the the spread of Christianity to all four corners of the world. 5" X 5". LIMITED SUPPLY REMAINING.

$15.00 USD

This uniquely designed olive wood "Jesus" carved cross  is the perfect gift! This Cross is a beautiful addition to any home, especially at this great price.  6" x 4"
$16.00 USD

5.3 inch

Christian & Catholic Gifts

Incredibly crafted Bust of Jesus carved and placed on a cross. This exquisite piece is one of a kind due to the artistry and wood grains. This piece stands about 12 1/2" tall, including the base,  6 3/4" wide and a depth of 3 1/2" squared. Jesus figure is about 6.5" tall. Self-standing crucifix! Makes a beautiful addition to any home or a great gift for a person of faith. Hand-carved in Bethlehem. This is a one-of-a-kind piece so, you got it, we only have 1 available. The photo is exactly what you will receive. One of a kind piece!

CC1-1 to CC1-3)
This olive wood traditional crucifix with Corpus Christi is perfect for over a door or hanging on a wall. Comes in one of three sizes and makes a lovely housewarming or Christening gift. Jesus is made of pewter as is the King of the Jews signage.

CC-1)  8" $12.00 USD

Beautifully crafted, self-standing crucifix.  Beautifully designed, self-standing cross with starburst design stands about 3.75 x 2.75 inches. The Corpus Christi and sign above him are both made of oxidized metal. It is perfect for the home or office, this cross has an insert with Holy Land Soil in the base. The cross itself is hand-carved and has a polished finish. It is perfectly priced too!

$12.00 USD

Comfort Cross Choices

Jerusalem carved cross - plain with INRI at the top and Jerusalem at the bottom. See just above for a description of the Jerusalem cross.

$13.00 USD


This hand-crafted olive wood cross with a Holy Land soil insert at its foot makes a perfect addition to any Christian  home. Imagine having the soil that Jesus once walked upon in your home. What a blessing for any Christian. Perfection. ONLY 3 LEFT OF THIS STYLE AND AT THIS PRICE! 7.8"

$15.00 USD

All of the carved crosses & crucifixes that we offer for sale are made of grade A olive wood from either Bethlehem or Jerusalem. The beauty and variations in the wood grain is what gives each of these products its distinctive look and because of that, we can truthfully say that no two items are alike. Any one of these crosses would make a nice addition to any Christian home. What is the difference between a cross and a crucifix? A crucifix has the Corpus Christi on it, which is Latin for the body of Christ.

Finely hand-crafted olive wood cross in the Celtic or Anglican traditions come in 3 sizes. Although there are many theories and symbols associated with the Celts the most recognized is the circle on the cross. The general consensus among scholars is that it signifies a halo or eternity symbol. Whatever the meaning is to you, this carved cross is still a lovely addition to any home

4" $12.00 USD

Traditional Cross Sizes


This is a detailed carved crosses, of olive wood, self-standing.  The four smaller crosses in the center signify the four Gospels being preached to the four corners of the world. It is  3" x 2". 

Affordable Prices


​9 beautiful olive wood cross with inserts of flowers, stones, soil and incense from the holy land. 14 pieces of wood signifying the Stations of the Cross. This will surely bless any Christian home, that it hangs in. Comes boxed. CR2-2-44

$34.99 USD

CC3-1 to CC3-3)
This simple, understated traditional cross in olive wood signifies to many the risen Christ. Regardless of its size it is a beautiful reminder that Jesus has risen. The purchase button is under each of the crosses.

This lovely crucifix includes discs with 4 Gospel inserts that picture Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Gospel inserts and Corpus Christi are all pewter. Beautiful for a Catholic or Orthodox home. 5.5" x 3.5". The wood on the cross is actually a little lighter in color than that shown.

$12.00 USD

Along with the 14 pieces of wood that make up this Stations of the Cross Crucifix come four element inserts.  The inserts include olive wood shavings, flower petals, Bethlehem soil and Frankincense. The crucifix is approximately 7" in length and includes a pewter Corpus Christi and INRI scroll. (cross wood is darker than that shown below). Makes a very thoughtful addition to any home. Perfect for a Catholic or Orthodox home.
(Only TWO left this size - no backordering available)

​$15.00 USD

CC6-1 to CC6-3)

This lovely 14 Stations of the Via Dolorosa Crucifix is available in various sizes and is just perfect for any Catholic or Orthodox home. The crucifix is made with 14 pieces of wood to signify each station and the Corpus Christi and INRI scroll are made of polished pewter. Makes a great gift for any occasion! Available in 5.3 and 11 inch long.