The Good Shepherd Prayer Book

This is an awesome 3.5" x 2.5" pocket-sized booklet filled with all kinds of Catholic prayers from morning and evening prayers to the Beatitudes and the Anima Christi. Carry it with you every day as it fits into your pocket! It has 36 prayers and other items like the Stations of the Cross. This is a must-have for any person of the Catholic faith.

$1.25 USD


Olive wood rosary that is 20" in length. The centerpiece has a plastic dome with water from the Jordan River inside. This centerpiece is about 3/4" in length and the crucifix is 1.5" in length and both are made of pewter. Chain liked rosary with 1/2" oval, polished beads.

$15.00 USD

SCENTED ROSARY BEADS ~ From Holy Land - While supplies last!

The scented rosaries on this page make unique gifts or beautiful additions to your own collection of prayer aids. All of the rosaries have been made in Jerusalem and include a certification of authenticity. They are all made of crushed flowers and then scented. They have a very strong scent, so they are not recommended for those that have a sensitivity. They are great for a car though - no air freshener needed!
$15.00 USD​   (cases will vary from that shown)

SRB3) 9-11
Delicate hand-polished hematite oval stone 20" rosary with Blessed Mother centerpiece. Both the centerpiece and the crucifix are made of pewter. This has been made in the holy land and comes boxed.
$15.00 USD


SRB10) 9-43
These gorgeous pyrite beads at 17" in length. The beads are a polished golden color and are 7mm round. The centerpiece is a 3/4" Jerusalem cross and is the same on both sides. The crucifix is 1.5" in length and has "Jerusalem" engraved on the reverse. Both the center and crucifix are pewter. Chain link. Comes in an organza pouch. Just beautiful for any person of faith! Made in the Holy Land.
$28.00 USD

Scents Available



SRB7)  9-41
Azure blue glass rosary with a colorful flat print similar to a cloissone design. The beads are 1/4 inch in size and are on a chain link. The centerpiece is the 1/2 inch Jerusalem cross and the crucifix is about 1 inch in size. Hand-painted beads with gold accent that make these  just sparkle with beauty. Hand made in Jerusalem. Comes in an organza pouch. 
$15.00 USD

Olive Wood Rosary with Soil) 9-50

Chain link olive wood rosary beads with soil insert in the centerpiece. The beads are about 20" in length and come individually wrapped in cellophane. Grade A olive wood.


These awesome beads are 18.5" in length and are chain-link.The links are quardupled, so they are very strong and perfect for anyone of faith, including children. The beads are plastic and the cross on the white is enamel. The black beads have a stainless steel crucifix.  Both are made in Italy.

$7.00 USD


The wood rosaries on this page are crafted in the Jerusalem area of the Holy Land and are made of grade A olive wood. They are an inspiring, affordable, addition to your prayer life.  Whether you are looking for a sturdy hand-threaded rosary, or one that carries the soil of the Holy Land or Jordan River water you have come to the right place. All of these rosary beads have been cut, sanded and polished by an artist in the Holy Land. As wood grains and colors differ, your purchase may differ slightly from that shown. The crystal is from the holy land area, as well.

SRB9) 9-45
Amazingly beautiful Mother of Pearl, 22", 5-decade, rosary beads on chain link with a heart-shaped centerpiece and crucifix that are also made of it. The crucifix is 2" x 1" and has a pewter Corpus Christi on the front and "Jerusalem" etched on the back. On the back of the centerpiece is a stamped Jerusalem Cross. Comes boxed. Hand-crafted in the Holy Land.
$53.00 USD

OWR1) 9-46
Wood and metal chain 20" rosary. This rosary is made in Jerusalem and is a chain link rosary. The centerpiece has the Madonna on the front and is about 1/2" round. The crucifix is 1" in length and has a pewter backing that wraps around to the front of the arms of the cross. The Corpus Christi is pewter as well.  Makes a nice gift too!

$13.00 USD

OWR4) 9-2

This pretty rosary is 20" in length. The centerpiece has a depiction of the Madonna & Child and on the reverse is a glass bubble that encases soil from the Holy Land. The centerpiece is about 3/4" in length and the crucifix is 1.5" in length and both are made of pewter. Chain linked rosary with 1/2" oval, polished beads.

$17.00 USD

SRB4) RS-12
Delicate hand-polished hematite round stone 18" rosary with Jerusalem cross centerpiece. Both the centerpiece and the crucifix are made of pewter. This has been made in the holy land and comes boxed. 
 $15.00 USD


CRB6) 9-44
Champagne Pink Colored Crystal Single Strand Rosary has a 3/4" Jerusalem cross centerpiece. The crucifix is 1.5" in length and both are made of pewter. The rosary is chain linked and comes boxed. 20" length.
This rosary is made in Jerusalem.
$15.00 USD


Our Austrian Crystal  ladder rosary is made in Italy.  The rosary is 23" long and is double-chain. The centerpiece is a 1" long oval charm with a depiction of the blessed Mother in prayer on the front. On the reverse is a smaller depiction of the Sacred Heart. The crucifix is 2" long by 1" wide and is 3D. The cross has a display of hearts surrounding Christ's head. Both the crucifix and centerpiece are made of pewter. The rosary is quite lovely in person.
$30.00 USD

Delicate polished round stone Mother of Pearl rosary beads which have been made in the Holy Land. The beads are smaller at about 1/4" round. The rosary is about 20" in length and has a 1.5" crucifix with hearts on the end of each arm. The Centerpiece is the Blessed Mother with a halo of stars above her head. Comes boxed.  
Limited Edition - 2 available
$20.00 USD


Welcome to our rosary bead page. Some of them are made in Jerusalem and others made in Italy. All of them are the best quality and just beautiful They make lovely gifts too! Make sure to scroll down to see our selection. Looking for a rosary for a child? Visit our Children's Rosary Page HERE! For Patron Saint rosary beads and chaplets look HERE.